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We have supported our customers’ success for over two decades

Publicly listed companies, private equities and family-owned companies count on our expertise.

We are an Executive Search partner for Industrial, Energy, and B-to-B Services companies, focusing on board members, managing directors, management teams, and the roles reporting to the management team.

In Executive Search, where most companies offer a wide range of services for all industries, a clear concentration on specific industries and positions is rare. Our more precise focus and excellent knowledge of the Finnish executive market will serve our customers successfully and efficiently.

Selecting the right leader is a critical business decision

Executive Search is the most effective tool for recruiting leaders. The top executives are not following open job ads. They spend their time getting the best results in their current job and trust the track record of their work to support their career development. Executive Search is often the only way to reach them.

Executive recruitment is an essential investment for a company, and choosing the right leader is a critical business decision. It determines the company’s direction and success in the long term. Using a professional executive search firm, the company can ensure that the market has been comprehensively mapped and that the best possible choice of candidates has been selected for discussions.

The Executive Search requires solid local knowledge of the market, companies, and executive candidates. We belong to the Agilium Executive Search Group, through which we conduct international Executive Search assignments in 27 countries in cooperation with our local colleagues.

Johto advisors
Johto advisors

Our expertise has been systematically built to identify and assess executives and leadership.

We lead and complete even the most extensive projects seamlessly and reliably.

We know the Finnish executive market and our 200 colleagues in 27 countries know their market.

Our long and diverse experience guarantees successful results for the benefit of the company and the candidate.

The customer is at the center of our values

We use our expertise to support the business and success of our client companies and promote executive candidates’ career development. We focus on selected industries to produce our customers’ best possible added value. In our operations, our customers especially value long-term, confidential cooperation, honesty, and uncompromising quality of work.


We utilize our entire team’s extensive expertise to benefit our customers. We are persistent and always strive for the best possible outcome.


We are honest. We dare to take a stand and raise even difficult issues for discussion. We communicate clearly without consulting jargon.


Leader choices can be tricky at times. We do not remain helpless even under challenging situations, and we do not leave our customers alone. We listen and, with the certainty of our experience, we propose different solution options.

Johto advisorsJohto advisors


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