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Looking for a change?

Career changes are needed for developing as a leader

Situations in both companies and the leadership market are constantly changing. An experienced leader may have to be let go when the strategy and business model are changed, and a new kind of thinking or expertise is needed. On the other hand, such a situation offers an opportunity for a new, different type of leader. From a developmental perspective, moving from one company to another in a leadership role is natural and often also necessary for a leader.

Your activity matters

For each assignment, we map out comprehensively potential leadership candidates. Our first list can have dozens or even hundreds of candidates, from which 10-15 candidates are typically selected for contacting. What matters, is your activity, networking, and your up-to-date LinkedIn profile.

Here’s our list on how you can make sure you will be considered in our direct search assignments.

Johto advisors

Keep your LinkedIn -profile updated
You can find a lot of tips for this online. It is important for us to get a proper understanding of your experience and leadership responsibilities.

Johto advisors

Network with us.
We are happy to accept invitation requests. In the invitation, you can briefly tell us about your situation and career plans.

Johto advisors

Subscribe to our newsletter.
In our newsletter, we will tell you about the assignments when we are allowed to tell. At the same time, you will also receive our other up-to-date tips on the labor market and other topics we discuss.

Executive Search process

Before contacting you, we have already done extensive background work. We have researched the market, companies, and executive candidates. There may be hundreds of names on our first list, and eventually, the list narrows down to about 10-20 contacts.

We will contact you by calling or sending a text message. In the first conversation, we map out your situation – whether now is the right time for a change and what your preconditions are for a possible new position. We can’t always tell the client in the first call, but we tell you what we can.

As the conversation continues, you will receive a written summary of the job and the company. In addition, we arrange a discussion with you in which we review your background and leader profile as well as the assignment. We know our assignments and will have an in-depth business discussion with you. Sometimes conversations do not continue. You may conclude that the task is unsuitable for you or that the time to change is incorrect. The discussions may also end because, this time, some candidates are better suited to the criteria. We always keep you up to date and communicate actively.

We are at your disposal throughout the entire assignment – we want to support your success and career development as a leader!

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