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With the Right Leadership, Your Company Will Continue to Excel in the Future.

Does Your Company Have a Board and Management Capable and Willing to Build the Future?

The business environment has become increasingly challenging and unpredictable – and with it, the leadership as well. Today, more than ever, boards and CEOs are required to have a visionary perspective and the ability to adapt business strategies to fit the evolving operational environment.

The regular assessment of management has become a hallmark of today’s business world, frequently featuring on the agenda of future-oriented boards. In our experience, boards want to have absolute confidence that their company’s leadership is capable of making the necessary directional shifts and fostering sustainable growth in corporate value.

With two decades of experience and over 1200 assignments, our expertise is systematically structured to identify the right leadership for any given situation. Whether you’re looking to accelerate your company’s growth, overhaul your strategy, or seek a change in direction, we are here to ensure that your leadership team is perfectly aligned with these goals.

Our Services:

• Board Member Executive Search
• CEO and Senior Management (C-level) Executive Search
• Leadership Audit

We offer confidential consultations, so feel free to reach out to our experienced partners. Contact information can be found on our contact page.

Johto advisors

Our expertise has been systematically built to identify and assess executives and leadership.

We lead and complete even the most extensive projects seamlessly and reliably.

We know the Finnish executive market and our 200 colleagues in 30 countries know their market.

Our long and diverse experience guarantees successful results for the benefit of the company and the candidate.

The customer is at the center of our values

We use our expertise to support the business and success of our client companies and promote executive candidates’ career development. We focus on selected industries to produce our customers’ best possible added value. In our operations, our customers especially value long-term, confidential cooperation, honesty, and uncompromising quality of work.


We utilize our entire team’s extensive expertise to benefit our customers. We are persistent and always strive for the best possible outcome.


We are honest. We dare to take a stand and raise even difficult issues for discussion. We communicate clearly without consulting jargon.


Leader choices can be tricky at times. We do not remain helpless even under challenging situations, and we do not leave our customers alone. We listen and, with the certainty of our experience, we propose different solution options.

Johto advisorsJohto advisors


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