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Why Executive Search?

Executive Search is the most effective tool for recruiting leaders. The top performers are not following open job ads. They spend their time on getting the best results in their current job and trust the track record of their work to support their career development. Executive Search is often the only way to reach them.

By using Executive Search a company can also make sure that it has the best possible set of candidates for the position with enough diversity. Discussions with experienced candidates from different backgrounds also open new perspectives for the company and provide information on best practices in the field.


At the beginning of the Executive Search, we put a lot of effort into mapping the company’s situation. We will determine at which stage of the strategy a new key person is being hired. Understandably, customers are in a hurry to recruit – the new hire needed to start yesterday. Therefore, the customers would be happy to immediately send us looking for candidates. However, this is the step in the process that cannot be skipped, this is where the foundation for the Executive Search is laid out.

The next step is for us to do the “undercover work”. We conduct a comprehensive survey of the industry, companies and then potential candidates. Initially, a list of several hundred names will emerge, which we will work on. Eventually, through surveys and interviews, the list shrinks to the top candidates presented to the client. This is how an efficient Executive Search funnel works – if the initial mapping is done carefully.

There is a wide demand for experienced managers in leadership positions and they are used to being contacted by a headhunter. Very few companies’ brand is of an attraction. Managers in their current jobs want a clear description of the company’s situation, responsibilities and expectations right from the start in order to evaluate the new opportunity. A very typical question from the candidates after the initial discussion and their own introduction is: “What do you think as an Executive Search professional – what would this job provide me professionally and why should I get involved?” Answering this question, without losing the candidate at this early stage, requires the skill and professionalism that an Executive Search consultant can provide.

Executive Search is a clear and systematic process on paper with a clear goal – to find a new leader. In practice, the issue is much more complicated. As the situation of the client and the leadership profile of the position may change, the company may have several different views on the kind of the person being recruited, it is sometimes very difficult to find the right candidates – the list could be worked on for a long time.

Using Johto’s Executive Search, you can be sure that:

  • Your company’s industry and special requirements will be understood and taken into account.
  • You will get the best set of candidates for your business’ situation.