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Examples of our latest assignments

The need for change and renewal unites our customers

Our customers are family-owned companies, private equities and publicly listed  companies in Finland and abroad. The size of the companies we work with varies from start-ups to large companies. We carry out about 70 Executive Search assignments annually. We also serve our customers internationally.

The need for change, renewal, and a new kind of leadership unites our customers as the business environment and conditions change rapidly. Choosing the right leader for the company’s strategy phase and situation is increasingly critical.

Below are some examples of our recent projects where we have been supporting our customers’ business and success. We can only tell a limited amount about our projects because they are always confidential.


Chief Financial OfficerConstruction Products4/2024

Chief Information OfficerMining & Metals4/2024

Chief Executive OfficerMining & Metals4/2024

Group Treasurer Mining & Metals4/2024

Chief Executive OfficerForestry2/2024

Chief People OfficerConstruction1/2024

Chief Financial OfficerMachinery12/2023

Chief Financial OfficerEnergy & Clean Tech11/2023

Chief People OfficerConstruction10/2023

Business DirectorMachinery9/2023

Sales DirectorMining & Metals8/2023

Business DirectorEnergy & Clean Tech9/2023

Customer Experience DirectorEnergy & Clean Tech8/2023


Sales DirectorConstruction Products1/2023

Marketing DirectorConstruction Products10/2022

Chief Technology OfficerConstruction Products7/2022


Chief Executive OfficerIT Services11/2023

Chief Executive OfficerAccounting Services3/2023

Chief Financial OfficerProfessional Services8/2022

Chief Financial OfficerIT Services11/2023


Chief Executive OfficerNGO2/2024

Chief Financial OfficerSports Institute10/2023

Business Director Sports Institute6/2023

Chief Executive OfficerNGO4/2023

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