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The year 2022: Leadership is highlighted in extraordinary times.


Cooperation with client companies intensified also internationally

The exceptionality of recent years has shown that our client companies react to changes boldly and adapt to new situations quickly. Despite the turmoil in the world, 2022 was a good year for many of our client companies. The changing circumstances demand a lot from the company’s management and board members as well: managing changes and making decisions in the face of uncertainty has been prominent.

Companies needed new views and leadership in a changing market situation, and 2022 was also a busy year for us. There were many executive searches for Board members, CEOs, CFOs, and CIOs. It was a pleasure to notice that even small and medium-sized companies are increasingly investing in board work.

At the request of our client companies, we networked internationally to support them on a global level as well. We joined the Agilium Worldwide Executive Search Group operating in 27 countries. The C-level executive search requires local expertise in the market, companies, and executive candidates. Hence, the support of our local colleagues is precious for both our client companies and us. The first recruitments are already underway in Germany, and international projects are planned for 2023 as well.Uncertainty and changes will continue in 2023

According to our customers, the first quarter of 2023 looks good, but the rest of the year is more challenging to predict as several elements may affect the market. The executive search market continues to be busy also this year. In particular, there is a need for leaders who can work in uncertainty and make the necessary changes on time and have strong cooperation and interpersonal skills.

The executive search market is challenging in Finland and internationally because there is more demand than supply for many positions. In addition, the executive candidates are more prudent than before. They carefully evaluate the company’s strategy, and the possibilities to succeed. Also, the match of the values is very important.

We continue our work in supporting the success of our client companies and leaders. We keep on developing our operations, and hopefully, this year, we will also be able to share news about our new partners.

Jaana Pollari

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